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Tips for preventing credit/debit card frauds


As per looking cases of credit/debit card frauds I like to give some tips. This tips are looking simple in reading but it makes you well secure from this kind of frauds.

  1. Never provide photocopies of both sides of the credit card to anyone. Card verification value (CVV) which is printed on the back side of the card. Which is use for online transactions.
  2. Never click on links in email seeking details of your account, it may be phishing emails from fraudsters. Almost if there is genuine email from company it will ask for visit their official website.
  3. When you doing payment online by credit card make sure that is that site secure? (https).
  4. Never give any information to persons seeking credit card information over phone.
  5. Notify your bank/ credit card issuer if you do not receive the monthly credit card statement on time.
  6. If a credit card is misplaced or lost, get it cancelled immediately.
  7. Never share you PIN number to any other person. Even don’t write or save your PIN number in mobile.
  8. Frequently change your PIN number.
  9. Keep register your permanent mobile number for transaction updates on mobile via SMS.
  10. If any unauthorised transaction happen from your card, Block your card immediately.




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